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Reflecting on What it Means to be Young… - published 27 Jun 2019

PENNING THEIR THOUGHTS: Nomazizi Mambane & Sisonke Charlie, CDC young professionals.

Reflecting on What it Means to be Young…

The five so called revolutions: the Sharpeville massacre of 1960, the advent of the Black Consciousness Movement in the 1960’s, the Soweto Uprising of 1976, the education crisis of 1985 and the dawn of democracy in our country in 1994, speaks to significant moments, which had influenced the behavior of the preceding generation.

Being young in 2019 may very well seem like an era infested with young people who undermine the indicated significant moments in history due to how times have changed-from what they were before the advancement of technology, (which seems to have taken over the current generation).

For me, it has never been about simply gravitating towards achieving personal goals in isolation of past events, which influenced the state of our economy and standards of living. One of my favorite writer Mamela Masango echoes similar sentiments in the quest of unpacking the dynamics of living as a young person in this era. She writes, “the dream has always been to enable ourselves to read and comprehend the T’s & C’s that bhut’Malibongwe never could. To resolve the complexities hidden behind the fine print that robbed mamu’Nomathemba off her fortunes”. It is to dodge the bullets of exploitation aimed at the layman from a gun held by those who see no value in contributing towards socio economic development for the youth. It has always been about working towards setting a stepping-stone for the coming generation and equipping them with the necessary mechanics to navigate through life.

Drawing relevance from the evident changes we see so far, which continue to stretch possibilities for young people, which did not exist previously. Being young in 2019 is also about being at the forefront of civic participation, which projects and encourages youth advocacy in order to positively contribute towards achieving socio economic empowerment.

The noticeable significant number of young people who are pioneers of generating innovative ideas, which see, passed the standards of temporary adjustments but rather securing sustainable development for South Africa through technology is what caters to a community, which uses the limited resources they have to work towards uplifting the country. We are not a lost generation, but an innovative one!

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