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CELEBRATING Women`s Month - published 17 Aug 2018


CDC`s Women of Excellence: (Left to right) Programme Director DOE/DSRAC- Thembeka Poswa,
Programme Director at the CDC KZN office - Nolundi Keti and Unit Head: Human Resource Management- Zola Ngoma

CDC Women at the Forefront of Success

“Wathinta abafazi wathinta imbokodo” (you strike a woman, you strike a rock) a famous Zulu anthem which symbolizes triumph for women who stood against apartheid laws. This anthem locates significance within the framework of women empowerment.


The month of August in South Africa is known as women`s month, a period reserved and set aside to commemorate and acknowledge women’s participation in working towards achieving equality and decent human rights for all. The CDC recognizes women within the organization who have placed their footmarks towards changing the status quo.


At the forefront of ensuring gender parity and women empowerment, the CDC over the years has seen the appointment of females at strategic management positions. Zola Ngoma, CDC Unit Head - Human Resources Management, with over twenty (20) years of experience in Human Resource Management (HR) spearheads the approach, which forms part of the CDC’s Recruitment and Retention Strategy.


“As the CDC, we have embarked on an exclusive and focused Women Leadership Advancement Programme (WLAP) with developmental and coaching focusing on a select number of women who occupy senior positions within the organisation. The programme’s intention is to develop and advance women towards leadership maturity, premised on the CDC Leadership Maturity Framework,” adds Ms Ngoma.


Roses amongst thorns are two CDC Programme Directors responsible for infrastructure development in both the Eastern Cape (EC) and KwaZulu-Natal (KZN). Imbokodo’s are rewriting the narrative on gender stereotypes in male dominated industries. Nolundi Keti, CDC Programme Director, with over fourteen (14) years of experience in the construction industry is responsible for the KZN portfolio.


“Essential to our value proposition is our ability to deliver quality work for our clients. The team we have assembled over the years has worked tirelessly to ensure high standards in the projects we do. Our brand promise is sacrosanct to the relationship we have built over the years with our clients,” highlights Keti.


A candidate of the SA council for Quantity Survey profession Nolundi is currently overseeing complex and mega infrastructure projects with three portfolios: the Department of Education, Department of Social Development and the Department of Basic Education all in KZN.


“Over the years I have learnt that every project has a life of its own. However, I have become fond of two projects: Durban School for the deaf, which houses over 230 learners valued at R2.2 million and Itshelimnyama primary school which houses over 950 learners valued at R23 million,” highlights Keti.


“What touches me the most, especially with the Durban School for the deaf, is the joy on the learner’s faces when they entered their newly refurbished school. To me, it brought true the phrase that, caring for one another is the least we can do for the betterment of humanity,” adds Keti.


Another rose blooming in concrete is Thembeka Poswa, CDC Programme Director responsible for infrastructure development in the EC. Her experience surpassing two decades in the construction field has seen her responsible for a portfolio, which includes the Eastern Cape Department of Education (ECDOE), and the Department of Sports, Recreation, Arts and Culture (DSRAC) and Department of Basic Education (DBE).


The work undertaken under her guidance includes the successful completion of over 97% of school projects allocated to the CDC by the EC DOE and DBE in 2017 valued at R570 million, creating a further 2172 jobs in the construction of the projects. “I strongly believe that no one can function without the support of others, no person is an island.”


“Our determination to succeed has enabled our team to maintain a sound momentum in the execution and finalisation of projects which exudes a fresh breeze of new ideas in working towards socio-economically balanced province,” adds Thembeka.


Her enthusiasm for the industry is also evident in her involvement as a member of the Association of SA Quantity Surveyors, a committee that ensures the professional development of the members as well as the establishment of scholarships, bursaries and accolades in respect of the quantity surveying profession.


Her extensive experience in the sector has seen her witness many achievements but it has also brought a fair amount of challenges. “Juggling the various roles and responsibilities of the job can be a challenge. I constantly have to find a balance between competing priorities and somehow stretching my time to accommodate as many other things demanding my attention.


“In this field particularly, there is still a lot that needs to be done in the industry and the workplace. Gender discrimination still exists in the industry and thus firm targets for gender participation need to be enforced to encourage equality,” adds Poswa.


“One of my biggest highlights since I joined the CDC was to be entrusted to head one of the biggest business units, as well as serving as a leader who allows people to apply their knowledge, make mistakes as I do and learn from them,” concludes Poswa.




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