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Coega Development Corporation Joins the World’s Plastic Pollution Game Plan - published 5 Jul 2019

Coega Development Corporation joins the World’s Plastic Pollution Game Plan

Throughout July, people all over the world are encouraged to go plastic free in a bid to reduce dependence on excessive plastic use.

Plastic Free July is a global movement started in 2017 to help educate people about plastic pollution, which aims to reduce immoderate use of plastic and eliminate environmental issues caused by plastic.

With the world’s big plastics problem, the landmark 2017 study for the journal Science Advances suggest that within the 8.3-billion tons of plastic produced since the introduction of the material, 6.3-billion had become plastic waste by 2015. Of that, just 9% had been recycled, 12% had been incinerated and 79% was languishing in landfills around the world.

The Plastic free initiative furthermore encourages people to be part of the solution to plastic pollution so that we can have a healthy environment targeting over 120 million people across the world for better results.

Coega Development Corporation (CDC) has joined the plastic free revolution and strongly motivates the public to partake in the initiative towards environmental safeguarding. The organisation’s commitment to Environmental compliance seeks to ensure adherence to environmental health and safety plans that promotes protection of the natural environment.

“Plastic pollution is the environmental challenge of this generation, and is imperative that we act before it becomes a severe matter” says Dr Ayanda Vilakazi, CDC’s Head of Marketing and Communications.

“Single-use plastic is a ticking time bomb for the environment, we encourage everyone in and out of business to avoid it wherever and whenever” adds Vilakazi.  

Most plastics take hundreds of years to break down. And even then, they just splinter into very small pieces called micro plastics, which will likely never biodegrade.

Societal Responsibility

Plastic Free July is an individual challenge that is part of the global effort for cleaner streets, uncontaminated oceans and for the planet as a whole.
National Geographic proves that about 40% of all plastic produced is for packaging purposes; it is used once and then discarded.  Choosing one single use of plastic to avoid is a great start, making that one change will make a difference. For better environmental conditions the following are some of the changes to try for a greater solution:

  1. Buy unpacked products
  2. Don’t use straws or plastic cups – rather take your own mug to buy your take-away coffee
  3. Take re-usable bags when shopping
  4. Practice plastic fee July at home and at work.
  5. Invite the whole community to join in.

“The CDC calls on the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber and the other business stakeholders to ensure its members drive projects that promotes the protection of the environment, become agents of change, and foster a climate-resilience initiatives as part of daily activities,” Vilakazi concludes.

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