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Coega continues its efforts to assist the Nelson Mandela Bay water crisis - published 18 Jun 2018

SELF-SUSTAINABLE: The CDC Smart Garden at its Head Office

Coega continues its efforts to assist the Nelson Mandela Bay water crisis - Coega takes further steps in its water conservation measures to combat the worsening water crisis

The Coega Development Corporation (CDC) has upped its water conservation efforts in a bid to tackle the water crisis as it reaches dire straits in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro.

Earlier this year, the CDC had reported on their water wise garden which boasts a range of succulents such as Portulacaria afra (“spekboom”), Gasteria bicolor (“beestong”) and Euphorbia clava, cycads, including other aloe species which are known to be drought tolerant. The garden which is self-sustainable through the cluster and fertilizing concept means that plants compete for space to grow therefore constantly encouraging growth amongst the plants without having to water them.

The CDC has went a step further in their conservation efforts through discussions with the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro’s consultants and came up with additional methods on how the CDC can increase their conservation efforts.

Following the constructive engagements with the consultants, the CDC has fixed two water leaks, which were situated in Zone two (2), and three (3) near the railway line and corner of Neptune Road. Water restriction posters have been placed throughout CDC offices, tenants including communication with all CDC investors about the water restrictions currently in place. The Nelson Mandela Bay Metro has also provided electronic posters for email distribution.

“The CDC has also implemented its own initiatives through introducing mandatory use of water tanks in Site Development Plans,” says Andrea Shirley, CDC Project Manager, Operations.

The CDC has further instructed contractors in the SEZ to no longer use portable water for construction purposes and therefore to use the Motherwell Borehole System, return effluent from Fish Water Flats WWTW and water from the Coega Kop Quarry as alternatives for their construction water sources.

“As a responsible corporate citizen the CDC is increasingly aware of the environment it operates in and thus proactively ensure that we contribute toward its sustainability,” concludes Dr Vilakazi, CDC unite head branding and marketing.

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