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SMMEs in NMBM happy with BAIC SA Plant Phase 1 Implementation - published 12 Jun 2017

SMMEs in NMBM happy with BAIC SA Plant Phase 1 Implementation


11 SMMEs have already benefited from BAIC SA Plant to the tune of R17.1million


Work continues at the BAIC SA Manufacturing Plant - bush clearing completed by 11 SMMEs – on track to start production in 2018, with maximum participation of the local SMMEs.  Phase 1 (Site Preparations) has been completed and Phase 2 (Construction) is due to start soon; however excavations are already underway.


Today, the Coega Development Corporation (CDC) announced that the BAIC SA investment in the manufacturing facility is earmarked to be completed within the planned timeframes. However, to achieve this, the construction of the Chinese automaker’s plant will have to be accelerated.


During Phase 1 of the project (SITE PREPARATION), managed by the CDC directly, 11 Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) have benefited from the BAIC SA Investment in the Coega SEZ. The other phases of the project including Construction would be coordinated and project managed directly by the IDC and BAIC SA through their appointed company.


The 11 SMMEs cleared the 54.62 hectares of land in Zone 1 of the Coega Special Economic Zone (SEZ), built the BAIC SA Plant Platform, and provided Plant Hire equipment.


The aforementioned SMMEs involved during phase 1 were 100% Black Owned, and 2 Women Owned Entities. The total value of the initial contract was R17.1million.


In view of the opportunity provided, local SMMEs have expressed satisfaction with the progress made during phase 1 in terms of participation. 



·         Geotechnical investigations - Completed

·         Site Survey - Completed

·         Search & Rescue of plants - Completed

·         Bush Clearance – Completed

·         Platform - Completed

·         BAIC Infrastructure:

o   Ring Road (Design) – on procurement (SMMEs to be allocated 36.25% of project value)

o   Electrical 132kv Line (Tender) – Design & Construct to be allocated 38% SMME packages for the construction component post tender.

o   Fire Water Supply (Design) – on procurement(SMMEs to be allocated 36.25% of project value)


Currently, on site, BAIC SA is busy with the excavations in preparation for the building of grid lines for steel structures.



Images: 12 June 2017. Work continues at the BAIC SA Site in the Coega IDZ


It is expected that BAIC SA and IDC will announce the start of construction soon (Phase 2- CONTRUCTION).


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