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A Call for Economic Transformation - Delegation from the DEDEAT Committee - published 29 Jan 2020

The CDC hosts the DEDEAT Portfolio Committee on an oversight meeting

A Call for Economic Transformation
- Delegation from the DEDEAT Portfolio Committee visits Coega on the overview of the SEZ



Port Elizabeth, 29 January 2020 – The Coega Development Corporation (CDC) hosted a delegation from the Department of Environmental Affairs and Economic Development (DEDEAT) Portfolio Committee yesterday, to reflect on the general performance and progress of the Coega Special Economic Zone.

Key to the visit was parliamentary oversight function of holding the leadership of state entities accountable for ensuring that policies are implemented in accordance with laws passed by parliament. Through oversight, the parliament can ensure that there is a balance between power and asserts.

Determined for transformation in the economic state of the country, the delegation graced the CDC Head office with a visit for the purpose of organisational supervision on the progress the CDC has made thus far. 

It is our duty to ensure that organisations such as Coega continue to make significant progress in order to better contribute towards regaining South Africa’s economic strength,” Hon. Pumelele Ndamase chairperson of the DEDEAT portfolio committee emphasized during the discussions with the CDC.

In his opening remarks, Hon. Ndamase highlighted the important aspects of sustaining the interdepended relations with members of the committee and joining hands towards the success of it. He further highlighted the importance of innovative measures to grow the economy through investments, whilst appreciating the strategic efforts in place to sustain the existing investment pool within the Coega SEZ.

Despite the major investments in SEZ’s, the issue of disproportionate negative impact on unemployment and economic instability remains a challenge that requires collaboration across all sectors.

“One of the approaches in place towards strengthening the economy is ensuring that the Coega SEZ works beyond its abilities of actively steering economic growth in the region,” highlighted Hon Ndamase.    

The Chairperson further highlighted that the constitution compels for public involvement “which forces us to take a step back to the drawing board and intensify our ability to evaluate if we still carrying the aspirations of the electorate.”

“Are we doing enough to reduce the burden in our economic climate? We have an economic growth challenge as a country in particular the Eastern Cape. There is too little wealth located in the productive sectors and thus creates an untenable environment for growth.” 

The objective of the visit is complimentary to Coega’s commitment of achieving its aim of becoming the leading catalyst in the socio-economic growth.

Ms. Mickey Mama, HOD for DEDEAT, highlighted the important work done by the department that seeks to stimulate the economy of the Eastern Cape.

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