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Coega Commemorates Moral Regeneration Month - published 24 Jul 2019

Enthusiastic and goal driven Coega programmes candidates: (from left to right) Lunga Lugalo, Human Capital Solutions. Administrator and Ntombizandile Mali ICT, Strategy and Research Administrator.

Coega Commemorates Moral Regeneration Month

The month of July is recognised as the Moral Regeneration month, an initiative which aims to encourage people to recommit to the efforts of building communities grounded on positive values and rededicate to building a caring society in pursuit of creating lasting peace and prosperity in the country.

Organisational core values are what supports the vision, shape the culture and reflects on what the company values. The Coega Development Corporation (CDC) prioritizes its values as a driver towards organisational vision of becoming the leading catalyst for championing socio-economic growth.

CDC’s core values include; Integrity
,Innovation, Partnership,Service Excellence and Sustainability.

Coega has incorporated its positive values to Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programmes in an attempt to rebuild a caring society and creating prosperity in the country. The
CDC has created programmes which brings opportunities for various communities within the Eastern Cape (EC) and around the country as well. These programmes focus on education, skills development and job creation, especially for the unemployed youth and women. 

To this end, the organisation established the Maths and Science Programme in 2012 that has given a second chance to more than a thousand (1000) grade 12 learners to improve their marks in Mathematics and Physical Science, thus enabling them access to universities.

Furthermore, the CDC continues with its Social Responsibility of giving back to the community and contributing towards bringing change in societal issues. Thamsanqa Children’s Home in Motherwell, Port Elizabeth benefited in the Coega winter drive handover that aimed to ensure that children are warm during winter and have their everyday necessities during this time of need. CDC donated warm clothes, blankets and toiletries to more than 25 children living in the home.

Coega has expanded its role to improve on skills development and offer disability training programme that provides training and placement of disabled learners for their professional advancement.

CDC’s Information Communication Technology (ICT), Strategy and Research Administrator Ntombizandile Mali, became part of the Disability Training Program in June 2013 as a Data Capturer. “When I started the programme I had no clue of what I was going to do, as time went on my knowledge advanced and I can now confidently say that I know my job and I am well aware of my everyday duties” said Ntombizandile.

“The programme has made a huge difference in my life, currently we are undertaking the Business Administration training, which is one of the skills that are much needed nowadays” she added. “I love to read a lot, in the near future I would like to learn more and become qualified in ICT as I currently work with systems Ntombizandile concluded.

Amongst the team is Lunga Lugalo (33), who started the program as a Data Capturer in the Department of Health (DOH) and Department Of Education- KZN Programmes. “During the program I got exposure in Administration under PTIP Program at CDC and I am now an Administrator at Human Capital Solutions (HCS).
 As a deaf person I didn’t get a challenge of communication during the programme, I work with a colleague who is a sign language interpreter and the program developed me in so many ways advancing my personal and professional life” Lunga continued.

“In future I see myself motivating people with disabilities and open a disability school that caters for the needs of deaf people. Having a disability should not hinder success, you can be anything you want to be in life with your disability. Out of this programme I have acquired so many skills in different fields” he concluded.

CDC continues to be the leading catalyst for championing socio-economic development in the EC, thus through its various projects aiming to improve the quality of life for millions of people across Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality and the Eastern Cape Province at large.

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