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Coega welcomes Ugandan delegation to the Coega IDZ - published 20 Jun 2017




Coega welcomes Ugandan delegation to the Coega IDZ  



The Coega Development Corporation (CDC) is hosting a delegation from the Republic of Uganda as part of its integrated stakeholder engagement approach.


The visit by the Uganda delegation forms part of a fact finding mission comprising of a series of presentations from both the CDC and the Ugandan delegation to impart mutual knowledge on mega infrastructure development and the Gas sector.

“Over the years, the CDC has learnt that there is room for competition but more importantly we realized early on in our development that there is greater room for

co-opitation,” says Christopher Mashigo, CDC Executive Manager Business Development.


“Being able to impart knowledge on our own growth and development to fellow African countries only serves to enrich the knowledge base of our continent and positions Africa favorably to potential investors,” added Mashigo.


The Republic of Uganda, with an estimated population shy of 40 million and ranked 113 in the Global Competitiveness Index is mainly known for its substantial natural resources, including fertile soils, regular rainfall, small deposits of copper, gold, and recently discovery of oil.


According to Dozith Abeinomugisha a Director at the Petroleum Authority of Uganda, “our visit to the Coega IDZ is mainly focused on acquiring knowledge and sharing our experiences on mega projects.”


“Our desire is to have an integrated approach in our development and for this; we seek CDC’s wisdom on lessons learnt over the years building the Coega IDZ and the attracting investors, as we would like to replicate this in Uganda. We have brought various ministries/institutions with us who are responsible for a diverse range of activities and look forward to the engagements with Coega.




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