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Coega launches Coega Technologies and Consulting - published 9 Nov 2021

Coega Technologies and Consulting, a subsidiary of the Coega Development Corporation, provides a one-stop-shop IT solution and two-tier 3 data centres Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Coega launches Coega Technologies and Consulting to improve investor and client service

Gqeberha, 09 November 2021 –
The Coega Development Corporation (CDC) announced today that it has re-launched the Coega Technologies and Consulting business (formerly known as Coega Telecoms), “to improve its ICT offering to Coega SEZ tenants, as well as other companies in the Eastern Cape and throughout the country, says CDC ICT Services Manager,” Mr Phaphama Msimang. ICT connectivity, in one form or another, is essential to the growth and efficiency of any business, and Coega’s one-stop-shop ICT solution can offer its growing client base peace of mind in that regard. Coega Technologies and Consulting offers specialised ICT services and solutions, includes, amongst others, a) hosted services, b) connectivity collaborative services, c) managed security and redundancy, d) advanced infrastructure, and e) PaaS/SaaS/IaaS. Specifically, the product lines include internet connectivity and telephony, two-tier 3 data centres, ICT monitoring and support, ICT security and disaster recovery, equipment, space and line rentals, and software licensing.

The Coega Technologies and Consulting two tier 3 data centres have enabled the organisation to offer ICT Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The IaaS includes disaster recovery, server and storing hosting, network, space and power, to mention but a few.

Furthermore, the 178 kilometres of fibre cabling within the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is currently connecting more than 40 clients consuming services both within and through the data centres.

To maximise value for our customers, Coega Technologies and Consulting provides reliable, scalable, accessible, convenient, secure, client-centric, and cost-effective connectivity solutions to save clients time and money.

As with any other sector, compliance with international standards for ICT systems and processes is vital. Coega Technologies and Consulting certified in both ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 for IT Service Management and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for Information Security Management.

Looking at security, Coega Technologies and Consulting can leverage the overall safety and security of the SEZ in which the data centres are located. Through its network design, Coega Technologies and Consulting has built multiple layers of redundancy, making it possible for its clients to continue operating despite disruptions caused by the vandalism and attrition of internet service provider infrastructure across the country. “This ensures uninterrupted connectivity for our customers,” explains Msimang. Coega Technologies and Consulting prides itself in service excellence, and its technicians (and partners) are knowledgeable in their respective fields. The “people” element is intrinsically linked to the concept of connectivity.

The current client base includes well-known companies that trust in Coega for their connectivity solutions, including Aspen, Discovery, Afrox, Air-Products, Vodacom, MTN, Dimensions Data, BAIC SA, Cerebos, to name but a few. Coega Technologies and Consulting has maintained superior performance.

In our current economic context, affordability and value for money is important factor, and Coega has invested immensely in IT infrastructure as a service. In terms of further development, plans for a network equipment upgrade worth an estimated R22 million are currently underway.

In line with the CDC’s vision to be the leading catalyst for the championing of socio-economic development, Coega Technologies and Consulting is gearing up to extend its services in the rest of the country to achieve its market development strategy. Connectivity, security, and convenience is key. “As an entity of the CDC, which exists to catalyse socio-economic development, Coega Technologies and Consulting places a high premium on the overall success and wellbeing of its client base through ICT,” concludes Msimang.

For more information, and to connect with Coega Technologies and Consulting, email [email protected] or call 041 403 0467. Our qualified technicians await.

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