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Coega Welcomes the State of the Province Address by the Premier of the EC - published 23 Feb 2021

Coega welcomes the State of the Province Address by the Premier of the Eastern Cape – Coega’s expertise highlighted as key in solving infrastructure challenges of the province

Port Elizabeth, 23 February 2021 – “through our own efforts in the Khawuleza PMO and the Coega Development Corporation in partnership with National government and Infrastructure South Africa (ISA). The province will unveil high value infrastructure projects that underpin our Infrastructure Development trajectory,” said Lubabalo Oscar Mabuyane, Premier of the Eastern Cape (EC) delivering the EC’s 6th Administration State of the Province Address (SOPA).

The SOPA address, which took place at the EC Provincial Legislature focused on key interventions driven by the state and efforts to unlock delayed projects in partnership with national government.

“To deal with the challenges that lead to delays in infrastructure delivery, we have appointed Coega Development Corporation to assist provincial departments, public entities and municipalities to package projects in order to access funding for socio-economic development,” adds Mabuyane.

The CDC, which has 21 years’ experience in infrastructure project management is leveraging its expertise to the benefit of the Eastern Cape (EC). “We are of the view that our expertise will accelerate not only infrastructure but also access to funding of projects identified by the province through various government funding initiatives, such as the Budget Finance for Infrastructure (BFI) & Provincial Stimulus Fund in order to improve the lives of many people in the EC in accordance with NDP 2030 Vision,” says Dr. Ayanda Vilakazi, CDC unit head marketing & communications.

Touching on the work done by the Coega Development Corporation (CDC), the Premier spoke on the Coega Special Economic Zone’s (SEZ’s) commitment in advancing industrialization and bringing development to local areas through the number of investments signed and located in the Coega SEZ that are creating jobs. “The Coega Development Corporation has created 481 operational jobs and 3 951 construction jobs by the third quarter of the 2020/21 financial year. We expect these numbers to increase by the end of the fourth quarter.”

Furthermore, congratulating the CDC on signing a Joint Development Agreement with Central Energy Fund and Transnet, “[there’s] been considerable work [done] on the Gas-to-Power Programme to host additional gas-driven power generation of between 1000 to 3000 MW.”

Elaborating on the Gas to Power Programme, the Premier highlighted, “we envisage a network of pipelines from the existing Dedisa power [peaking] plant, to other major industrial areas and new gas to power plants that will be built when the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) invites bidders for the construction of new Gas to Power Plants.”

Stressing the importance of gas to the province, the Premier explained, “we are looking at other domestic gas opportunities beyond the LNG. In particular, we all are aware of the discovery of natural gas and condensate through the Brulpadda and Luiperd wells by the Total-led consortium that holds a license for a site that is located near Mossel Bay. We are positioning Coega as the natural location for the critical off-take projects that will be needed to unlock the development of the offshore projects, and thus use this domestic gas for power generation and gas-based industrialization. This is the critical next phase of the work to develop the gas hub at Coega.”

Late last year, the CDC held a SOD turning event to mark a significant milestone in the infrastructure development of the Aquaculture Development Zone (ADZ) in Zone 10 of the SEZ. In his speech, the Premier highlighted the provinces investment in the sector. “We have invested R206 million from the stimulus fund for development of the first 100 ha of the Aquaculture Development Zone in Coega. Phase 1 construction started in September last year and will be completed in November 2021. This project is targeted to create 500 construction and 5 600 operational jobs.”

“We welcome the speech by the Premier, especially on the aspects related to the work done by the CDC. The continuation of attracting investors in the Coega SEZ, in a difficult economic environment, gives us immense gratification,” adds Dr. Vilakazi.

“Our work as an Implementing Agent (IA) of choice in deepening the capacity of the state through enabling government on the work done by the CDC throughout the country and outside of the South African borders is commendable. This demonstrates the ‘home grown capability’ succinctly described by the President of the Republic of South Africa, H.E. Cyril Ramaphosa, as a value add not only to the local footprint but throughout Africa,” concludes Dr Vilakazi.

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