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Coega’s Training Services facilitates all facets of training, with a particular focus on technical- and construction-related skills development through learnerships, internships and apprenticeships. Our Training Services aim to address skills development and job creation in the Coega IDZ, the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro and within the Eastern Cape at large.


We offer skills development through the following programmes:

  • Assessor, Moderator, Coaching and Facilitation Training (NQF4-6)
  • Basic construction skills (suitable for EPWP projects and mega-infrastructure delivery projects)
  • Safety Training (NQF 1-4)
  • Supervisory Training (NQF3)
  • Construction Plant Operator Training (NQF2)
  • Apprenticeship Implementation (construction and mechanical trades)
  • Shop steward and Employee Relations Practitioner Training (NQF 3-5)

Assistance is also provided to all contractors on the IDZ in complying with the provisions of the Skills Development Act. Construction Sector Education and Training Authority (CETA) access is facilitated in order to provide the contractor with administration guidance in order to ensure easier compliance to Skills Development initiatives.

You can access employment, training and skills development opportunities today by simply registering on the G2O website. All information on skills development will be published on the G2O website.


Skills development at Coega is a structured process, with space for the assessment of all candidates:


  • Screening of candidates for the labour pool: This entails a careful assessment of qualifications obtained, courses attended and work experience.
  • Pre-assessment of candidates: Once the screening has been done, candidates are sorted into different job categories.
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): The Construction Sector Education and Training Authority (CETA) perform this function. The practical experience of candidates is assessed and they receive credits for learning areas or fields in which they are competent.


  • Training of candidates: If training gaps are identified, candidates are referred for training which can take the form of Skills Development Programmes or Learnerships.
  • Skills Programmes: These are usually funded by the Department of Labour and consist of short courses that can be credit bearing. Training for SMME’s can be funded for both construction and business fields.
  • Learnerships and Apprenticeships: Learnerships are occupationally directed programmes that contain both theoretical and practical components. They are normally 12 months in duration. The theoretical training is provided by a Training Provider, while the practical training is provided by a Host Employer.Learnerships are made up of Unit Standards. Candidates are assessed for competency against the Unit Standards and earn credits for those in which they are found competent.
  • Apprenticeships are formal contracts entered into between a candidate and employer. Based on the particular trade, training can last from 3 to 5 years. It also includes theoretical and practical aspects. At the end of the training, candidates do a trade test and if they are successful, they are registered as qualified Artisans.
  • Internships and Experiential Learning: These candidates normally have a theoretical background such as a Diploma or a Degree and an internship or experiential learning provides them the opportunity to gain practical work experience.
  • Moderation of training: While training is in progress, on-site visits with Training Providers and Host Employers are carried out to monitor the quality of training provided.


  • Post-assessment of candidates: On completion of training, candidates are assessed again to decide whether their job category should change.
  • Aftercare on-site: Candidates that are placed with contractors are visited on-site in order to compare the training they received with the work that is carried out.


Coega sources funding for training through:

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