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Coega offers fully integrated IDZ support services such as operating an extensive facilities and estate management portfolio; complying with world standards of safety, health, environmental management and quality,safety and security.


Facilities & Estate Management


The CDC owns and operates an extensive portfolio of Land, Buildings, Equipment and Bulk Infrastructure Facilities, assets which are utilized to deliver CDC’s corporate objectives of providing a preferred investment destination through its Facilities and Estate Management (FEM) Unit.


Generally, the FEM Unit is the sole provider of maintenance services for CDC facilities. Where CDC is the owner of land and building assets, the Facilities Management Section is responsible for:


a)      acting as ‘building owner’ in respect to asset management and compliance with statutory and regulatory building requirements;

b)      the maintenance and repair of the, Buildings, plant, equipment and services set out in various tenant lease agreements; and

c)       the procurement  and management of  service providers for provision of those services not done by the Facilities Department itself

d)      Period inspections and condition auditing of buildings occupied by tenants to ensure that they are maintaining them in accordance with the lease agreements

e)        Pre and Post occupation audits


The FEM Unit manages all assets which covers the following categories of maintenance:


a)      Preventive Planned Maintenance;

b)      Statutory maintenance:

c)       Corrective/Reactive maintenance:

d)       Backlog maintenance:

e)       Condition based maintenance: 

The FEM Unit operates software called Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) which captures all the attributes of the asset on the Asset Database and determine the Asset Hierarchy which helps when dispatching calls for maintenance. The system captures the asset name, description, manufacturer, age, maintenance intervals, etc and this becomes an important aspect in maximizing the value of the asset. The CMMS is backed up by call Centre whereby Call Centre Agents tracks all calls for ad hoc maintenance and dispatches calls for Planned Maintenance whilst acting as a link between the CDC and tenants.


Safety, Health, Environment & Quality


The CDC is currently ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certified on compliance of the world class standards.


Commercial Services


Commercial Services provides expert insights into new ventures through its business analyst services.


The Commercial Unit has focused its attention on providing three pillars of services within the organisation:

           Project negotiations for the IDZ and the NMBLP;

           Commercialisation activities to seek new revenue opportunities; and

           Support services to other units in the organisation.


Customs and Control Area


The Customs Unit offered several integrated service to tenants and investors.   CDC’s Customs Control Areas are located in Zone 1, 2, 3 and 7 of the Coega IDZ and is already advancing investors such as FAW China and Beijing Automotive International Corporation (BAIC).  Incentives offered within the Customs Control Area are: 


Simplified business start-up and license requirements

·         Single surety by IDZ Operator  for CCA Enterprises – w/housing & movement

·         Manufacturing / Storage Warehouses and Rebate user

·         No License fees


Simplified customs procedures

·         Bond movements – between CCA’s and South Africa

·         Stage consignments – meet requirements (ie importation in knock down condition)

·         Release under embargo (examination conducted at premises) on meeting specified criteria

·         Allow imported, duty free goods, to be warehoused in CCA

Relief from customs duties and VAT

·         No import duties on

·         Any raw material for manufacture

·         Any goods for storage

·         Capital equipment used in the CCA (machinery, forklifts etc)

·         Any goods for the construction and maintenance of the CCA infrastructure


No VAT payable on

·         Any goods for storage (imported/local)

·         Raw materials for manufacture (imported/local)

·         Capital equipment used in the CCA (imported/local)

·         Any goods for the construction and maintenance of the CCA infrastructure (imported/local)

·         Any services rendered in the CCA

·         Rental payments made with the CCA


Trade Services


Trade services include Logistics and Security services offered to tenants and investors.   CDC’s Customs Control Area is located in Zone 2 of the Coega IDZ and is already advancing Fortune 500 investors, such as FAW China. 




Logistics allows for integrated operations across the Coega IDZ.




Security in the Coega IDZ is growing strength to strength.   Stricter security and access controls along with security innovations have produced astonishing results to the managemen of security in the zone.


Spatial Development


The CDC’s spatial development unit facilitates integrated and balanced development within the Coega IDZ. Spatial planning gives geographical expression to the economic, social, cultural and environmental policies which influence the Coega IDZ. It is an interdisciplinary and comprehensive approach directed towards achieving sustainable regional development and the physical organisation of space according to the CDC’s Package of Plans.


Municipal Incentives


A host of municipal incentives are available to potential CDC investors, these include rebates on building plans, financing of feasibility studies and/or business plan development, and discounts on municipal services (water, sewerage, refuse, electricity and property rates).



For investors who would like more information on CDC’s IDZ Support Services, please contact Janine Schroeder on:

Email: info@coega.co.za
Telephone: +27 41 403 0400 / 086 102 6342
Fax: +27 41 403 0401


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