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The Coega Development Corporation (CDC) is a government-owned entity mandated to develop and operate the Coega Industrial Development Zone (IDZ), adjacent to the modern deep-water Port of Ngqura, developed and owned by Transnet National Ports Authority, in Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa.

Coega was established in July 1999, formalised and rezoned between 1999 and 2002, and built - inclusive of adding key roads, power and connectivity infrastructure - between 2002 and 2006 with the first investor taking occupation in Zone 3 of the Coega IDZ in 2007.

Coega is wholly owned by the South African government. The Department of Trade and Industry is the main shareholder and executive authority, with ordinary shares owned by the Eastern Cape Provincial Government through the Eastern Cape Development Corporation.

The Coega IDZ is South Africa’s premier location for new industrial investments. The CDC is the licensed developer and operator of the IDZ’s 11 500HA of land and we have created the necessary infrastructure and facilities to offer potential investors 6 443HAof prime lettable industrial space. Coega also offers total solutions for construction, spatial development and Small, Micro and Medium Enterprise (SMME) development within the Coega IDZ’s Core Development Area (CDA).

Coega’s vision is to be the leading catalyst for socio-economic growth across South Africa, with a mission to provide a competitive investment location supported by value-added business services that enable socio-economic development. Driven by the core values of integrity, innovation, partnership, service excellence and sustainability, Coega has made - and continues to make - its mark on the regional and national economy through its IDZ and investment promotion activities and its widening berth of infrastructure projects across the country.

The Coega IDZ is specifically designed along the cluster model, linking related industries and their supply chains in close proximity to one another to maximise efficiency and minimise turnaround times. The Coega IDZ boasts the following clusters:

  • Commercial and logistics
  • Automotive and auto components
  • Light industry
  • Training/academic
  • Metals and metallurgy
  • Chemicals
  • Energy
  • Agro-processing (aquaculture, food packaging and food processing)
  • Mari-culture and coastal

The Coega IDZ’s close proximity to and integration with the port makes it a platform for global trade ideal for attracting foreign direct investment and expanding the reach of domestic manufacturers. The Strategic Development Framework for the Coega IDZ is focused on infrastructure and facilities development for the 6500 hectare CDA.

In 2008 Coega diversified its product offering to include the 216 hectare automotive supplier park Nelson Mandela Bay Logistics Park (NMBLP), as well as a range of commercial services focused on implementing and managing infrastructure projects. Coega’s organisational structure is divided into three main areas of interest:

  • The Coega IDZ;
  • External services - such as human resource and skills development services through Coega Human Capital Solutions, travel related solutions through Coega Corporate Travel, research and strategy development services through Coega Strategy Solutions and the Vulindlela Accommodation and Conference facilities; and
  • Infrastructure and project management services for a range of private and public sector clients on infrastructure development projects and boasts clients such as the Departments of Education, Health, and Roads and Public Works in the Eastern Cape and Education, Social Development in KwaZulu-Natal, to name a few.

Coega continues to draw international interest and remains South Africa’s most successful IDZ. In the 15 years since inception, the Coega IDZ has grown to become one of the biggest drivers of job creation, creating in excess of 50 000 jobs, and the Eastern Cape economy thanks to both local and foreign direct investment. Currently, the Coega IDZ contributes an estimated 5.9% to the provincial gross domestic product (GDP) and 0.5% to the national GDP, a figure the CDC intends to increase in the near future as its traction both within the IDZ, Eastern Cape and South Africa grows with investment and projects.

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